Picsima is the next generation polymer based 3D Print Technology where Fripp Design and Research have discovered a new method to 3D print cross linked polymers such as silicones, epoxy resins and acrylics.


The idea for 3D Printing silicone directly came as a result of a technical challenge in 3D Printing soft tissue prostheses. The current method is a two stage process which involves 3D printing a colour scaffold (using 3D Systems ZCorp technology) which is post processed by infiltrating with medical grade silicone under pressure. Although the prostheses are, visually, stunning; when they are flexed the scaffold material delaminates from the silicone demonstrating 'crazing' lines. This was the motivator for wanting to 3D Print silicone directly.


Fripp Design and Research have completed the initial product development and are in the process of developing a full working system capable of making customer parts. Initially these will be in silicone, however we plan to expand the service to other 2 part cross linked polymers as and when there is market demand.


To talk to us about how we might help you 3D Print your silicone prototype, please contact where one of our consultants will be able to advise you in how we might assist.



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